Boost Your Online Reputation… Even If Your Office Is Filled With Patients Who Never Check Email Or Get Online!

You want your happiest and most vocal patients to promote your practice for you – these embarrassingly simple strategies will work for any physician!

Dear Colleague:

If you are concerned about your online reputation and have an office filled with happy and satisfied patients who may not feel comfortable leaving reviews for you online, I’ve got great news!

I believe strongly that we should take as much control as possible of our practice quality and reputation. These are too important to leave up to spammy websites and marketers who know nothing about what we do.

We know we are doing quality work and our patients are appreciative. They’ll even tell their friends and neighbors and spread the good word about their experience.

The word-of-mouth process is as old as the doctor-patient relationship.

The internet gives this same process exponentially increased speed and spread – dozens or hundreds of new patients could potentially be reached if that one happy patient posts about her experience on Facebook or one of the many review sites online like HealthGrades or

I’ve had a ton of success getting patients to rate and review me online.

It’s brought me thousands of dollars of new and repeat business in my practice.

My online reputation is solid, and I have no fear of bad reviews anymore.

But that reputation can be even stronger with reviews from patients who are either unwilling or unable to leave ratings and reviews online.

Despite how successful online ratings are, there will always be a certain percentage of your patients who won’t or can’t get online to leave comments and ratings – despite their adoration for you, their successful treatment, and willingness to help you.

How can you get reviews and comments from patients who don’t feel comfortable leaving an online review?

To solve this problem in my own practice, I developed a simple tool that lets “offline” patients give rave reviews and comments.

In this course, I’ll share why and how I developed this strategy, and give you the exact tools you need to implement it in your own practice.

These tools are for you if:

  • you know you’re supposed to be getting ratings/reviews but don’t have the time to write up a card, to develop language that works verbally, or find a way to integrate this process into your clinic without causing disruptions
  • your practice isn’t made up of 20-something social media consultants from Silicon Valley who live 80% of their lives online
  • you know what to do but have been putting it off – this course will give you the tools and proper motivation to move forward and get some results – especially when you see that it works and how easy it is
  • you’re skeptical that your patients be willing to rate/review you online
  • you want a low cost, effective solution to capturing positive ratings and comments from your existing “offline” patients, without paying exorbitant ongoing fees to a marketing or reputation consultant
  • you like the control of doing it yourself but need help getting some momentum going

When you order this course, here’s what you’ll get:

  • A video presentation of a limited-access webinar you can download and review anytime you want
  • Everything you need to start using this system and tools in your practice – the exact questionnaire I use, the language I use when asking for feedback from patients, and concrete methods for follow-up
  • Ideas and examples of how I use comments collected OFFline for use in ONline applications
  • The audio version of the presentation – you can just load this onto your iPhone or smartphone and listen to the presentation in your car or elsewhere whenever you want.


  • The actual Google Review request card I use in my office to generate reviews on Google – these are the most valuable reviews you can get online – and some of the most difficult to collect. I’ve used this card to double my Google Reviews in the past 3 months.
  • My intake form I use to collect data on each new patient I see. This is a separate form that helps me specifically with marketing and promotion – the benefits will be obvious once you see it!
  • A special Insider Report: How To Choose The Best Patients To Rate And Review You


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Offline Strategies Course
Offline Strategies Course
The embarrassingly easy way to collect offline comments from your patients who can't or won't review you online.

Once you check out, you’ll be given a download link. The files are included in a bundled ZIP file. If you have any questions about this product or any trouble during the ordering or downloading process, send me an email right away at

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