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reachpatients-profile-pic-henleyHello – welcome to ReachPatients.com!

My name is Noel Henley, the author and founder. I’m a practicing orthopaedic surgeon in the United States.

I started this site out of my own frustration with what was (and is) happening to medicine, in this country and worldwide.

It was born out of my passion for the power of online technology, a love for direct response marketing, and a quest to fuse all that together to strengthen the traditional doctor-patient relationship that we all seem to be chasing as physicians.

Every tool, tip, method, and article on this site will help you connect meaningfully with your patients.

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In each edition of the email newsletter, you’ll get practical tips and tools you can start using within the upcoming week, straight from someone who’s in the trenches, in practice, getting his hands dirty, just like you are.

Most of what you’ll read out there on getting more exposure for your practice is sold and delivered by non-surgeons, non-physicians who have never created a website, run a practice, sat down across from patients or thought much at all about how patients connect with physicians.

Are You Getting Found By Patients?

My practice website gets found by patients. If you type in my name into Google, the first page is filled with links to pages I either own or control.

I don’t worry that potential patients will have to wade through spammy doctor review sites and irrelevant online Yellow Pages ads to try and find me.

Do patients find accurate information on page one of Google when they type in your name?

My techniques and strategies will set you on a fast path to accomplishing this for your practice.

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How You Can Make This Site Better For You And Your Colleagues

Leaving comments under relevant articles and posts is the best way for me to tailor this site’s content to meet your needs. If I’m yapping about topic X too much and you’re wondering why topic Y is being ignored, just shoot me an email and let me know.

Noel Henley

noel at reachpatients dot com (email address typed out to evade spam-people)