Get More Visitors To Your Website Using A Common Sense Formula

trafficHere’s an example of how I got a surge in website visitors using a timely blog post.

I normally get between 16 and 18 thousand visitors to my website each month. These are visitors looking for a broad range of upper extremity, hand and arm topics.

In general, the more traffic you get, the more important your site is to Google. This is especially important for your local geographic area, and relevant to most physicians.

When I used this technique last year, the short-term increase in traffic (number of website visitors) was nice, but it yielded a longer-term increase in traffic as well. That means Google is paying attention to how timely your articles, blog posts, and content is.

The formula

My simple formula for a surge in website traffic is:
expertise + current event + media outlet = traffic


As a physician, you are an expert to your patients; to the watching world, in fact.

People are looking for answers from experts, and it’s up to you how available you want to be.

It’s up to you how helpful you want to be.

The most important arena where you need to be seen as an expert is in your local market. You want that expertise to ooze from your website when patients find you online.

Better traffic and higher search engine rankings help you get found easier.

See, you’ve already got the first component of the formula down pat, right?


Current event

As you’re well-aware, we live in a society where the news cycle is minute-by-minute.

In the recent presidential debate, my friend told me he watched the TV with his laptop open, reading Twitter updates from commentators and pundits he trusted, giving a running update and interpretation of the candidates comments.

No more waiting to hear the “Republican response” or the “Democrat response”!

People want answers NOW – if a question pops up about a news event that just happened, millions of people head to Google to find out the answers.

To use this technique, just keep your eyes and ears peeled for news stories and events that you can connect with your area of clinical expertise.

Media outlet

By now, I’m sure you’ve guessed that you don’t need to own a radio or TV station to get attention or more professional recognition.

You just need a website with a blog that you control.

Even if your practice has a generic website, your webmaster ought to be able to add a blog component to it and teach you how to add articles and commentary to it.

You can also share your valuable knowledge and comments with everyone online using Twitter and Facebook.

A recent example

Recently I was watching the University of Texas Longhorns play Oklahoma. The Longhorns’ quarterback sustained a wrist injury and was taken off the field.

Pictures showed his bruised and swollen wrist – the commentators on TV were speculating as to the extent of his injuries.

I did a quick search online and especially on Twitter. I realized Texas fans were intensely curious about his wrist and what would happen.

So, I created a short blog post about bruising in wrist injuries and posted it online on my blog. I then shared that post on Twitter and recorded the increase in traffic to my website over the next few minutes.

Here’s a video showing the results (click the full screen button in the lower right corner to enlarge the window):



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