Doctor Rating Sites – Is One Better Than the Next?

Aren’t all doctor rating sites the same? How do patients pick from dozens of these websites? Andrea Pyros at has summarized some information for patients about online doctor rating sites.


Are all doctor rating websites identical?

Doctor ratings sites – a useful summary

She mentions that word of mouth referral from a trusted friend is the best way to find a physician, as well as asking a trusted doctor for a recommendation.

Pyros gives a balanced summary of the pros and cons of doctor review sites and provides a useful table of information about six sites.

  • The summary table covers the following categories:
  • Site name
  • Quantity of reviews
  • Balance/quality of reviews
  • Ease of use
  • Other comments about site features

It’s not an exhaustive list, but she gives some good feedback in the comments about how they chose sites to review.

Read the full article and find out what their favorite doctor rating site was.

Are you rated on their top site? Do you agree with their conclusion?

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