Four Tips To Create Smoother Online Promotional Videos For Your Practice

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How can you get more comfortable in front of the camera when creating practice promotional videos for your practice? Here are four things I do.

Most physicians (including me) are apprehensive about turning themselves into a talking head on camera.

The more you do it, the easier it gets. Patients trust you more when they can see your face on camera. It creates a more powerful bond.

The best part is, you can practice with your web cam or iPhone camera using all these techniques without spending thousands for studio time or even without uploading the videos online.

Try adding these tips and tricks designed to get you more comfortable creating online videos for your practice.

Four Tips For A Smoother Presentation On Camera For Your Practice Promotion And Educational Videos

1 – Don’t be afraid to create short videos

You have a lot to say and communicate to potential patients and visitors. That’s great – but don’t let it do more harm than good.

Instead of rambling on for several minutes about an answer to a question, hold yourself to 45-60 seconds. Writing out your script ahead of time will help with this.

2 – Wear simple, timeless clothes on-camera

You’re creating video content that may be publicly visible for a decade. This is not the time to be fashionably adventurous.

For men, the safest on-camera outfit is a dark suit, light blue shirt, and darker, solid, red or blue tie.

For more tips on what to wear, see the article link at the bottom of this page.

3 – Avoid “filler” words during your talk

Words like “uh”, and “um” between each phrase do not instill confidence in your viewer. Practice your script several times before recording to help eliminate this distraction.

It’s quite challenging to use a script without sounding like you’re reading it. Natural, brief pauses (as if silently finding the right word) are OK, as long as your speech flows naturally.

4 – Try to smile!

This is one of the hardest ones for me. Watching yourself a few times on video will help you see how much better you look when smiling occasionally during the video.

One trick I’ve used is to smile even before pressing “Record”, from the very beginning.

If you follow these recommendations, your videos will instill more confidence in your viewers and create a more professional image for your practice.

Another resource on what to wear

This article on what to wear for a television interview will help you dress professionally for your on-camera appearances – even if you’re just shooting quick videos for patients in your office.

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    Video is a powerful way to connect with readers/viewers as people learn at an early age to look for visual facial clues to mood, seriousness, etc. Visual puts a gentle feeling of reality in the formula. Thanks for the great tips! Jim

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