Creating a Google Places Page for Your Practice

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Google Place Page for your practice

Google is passionate about “local search”. Most people search for local businesses (like yours and mine) online.

You may have noticed search results that show collections of local businesses with accompanying maps at the top of Google’s results. These are search results that take people to businesses that have claimed their Google Places Pages.

These pages are free to create and business owners may create one per physical location of their business.

You can read about the details on how to create your Google Places Page here.

Avoid these two snags when you create your Google Places Page

When I claimed my Page for my practice, I found two annoying snags in the process. Make sure you know what to expect when you go to create your page. It’s a simple process but can be annoying if you don’t know what will happen ahead of time.

Snag 1: not having a Gmail account

You must link a Gmail account with your business. You don’t have to display it publicly but you might want to create one just for your individual practice location that makes sense.

If your practice name is Allegiant Urology, for instance, and you have two locations; one in Scranton and one in Philadelphia, establish two different Gmail accounts.

One might be allegianturology.scranton, and the other might be allegianturology.philly.

You can always forward them to your main address later, but you’ll need separate accounts to claim individual practice Google Place Pages.

Snag 2: waiting for your postcard or phone call

Once you go through the process of claiming your page, you have to enter a PIN to verify to Google that you own the business.

Google will send you that PIN either by phone call (to your business main number) or by snail mail.

For my practice’s Google Places Page, we tried the phone call method but it never worked due to the call volume coming into the office.

The snail mail PIN method seems more reliable, though you need to warn your office staff to be on the lookout for a small envelope or card from Google. It looks like junk mail, so it’s important to let them know it will be coming.

Mine came within about three or four days.

Another tip for setting up your practice’s Google Place Page

You can completely fill out the page with photos, videos, business profile information, hours of operation, etc., even before you “verify the listing”. Once you enter in your PIN (when you’re logged into the right Google account), your Places page will be live and ready to end up at the top of Google’s search results when patients type in your name or your practice.

More detailed advice and help with setting up your Google Places page

If you want more detailed information and tools for setting up your practice’s Google Place page, send me an email and I’ll notify you when my next project is complete – you’ll get in on the ground level!

My current subscribers can find my email address in their inbox with your regular Quick Tip email. Everyone else can find it on my About page on this website.

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