Can Your Patients Find Your Practice With Google Voice Search?

For many years I’ve thought that searching and our integration with technology in general would eventually depend heavily on voice recognition.

Google is demonstrating its commitment to that concept with its latest release – Google Voice Search for desktop browsers. Here’s how to quickly find out if this is helping or hurting searchers looking for your practice online.

google desktop voice search

Patients looking for your practice with Google Voice Search

Previously only available for mobile users using Google’s mobile app, users can now search  by speaking their search terms out loud through their computer’s microphone.

You can read all about Google Voice Search and try it out for yourself. You’ll need Google’s Chrome browser and your computer’s microphone.

Make sure patients can find you using this tool

Now you need to practice/pretend you’re a patient looking for your practice or service. Try speaking the following word combinations to test Google’s recognition of the keywords patients use to find you and your practice:

  • [Dr. YourLastName] [city] [state abbreviation]
  • [medical condition – layman’s terms] doctor [city]

Examples might be:

  • Doctor Jones Minneapolis minnesota
  • blood pressure doctor minneapolis

See a video demonstration of the voice search function in the video below.

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