The Physician as Medical Reporter – Behind the Scenes

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Maria Simbra, MD has written a summary of a typical day at work in her job as a medical reporter.

Here are some highlights I found enlightening:

  • Her assignments are given to her, but she’s scanning the Internet for story ideas and a sense of the “medical buzz” of the day
  • How the story is presented is determined somewhat by the goals of the media outlet
  • She’s frustrated by limitations in the interviewee’s schedule
  • Part of her job is to summarize the research paper (or medical-ese) in plain language for the viewers
  • The study was done using metric measurements, which is not digestible for the viewers

Questions she’s asking about potential stories:

  • How many people does the issue affect?
  • Does it appeal to the station/paper’s target demographic?
  • Is there a local connection to the story?

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You can read the original article here – A Day in the Life of a Medical Reporter.

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